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Available Services

Customs Brokerage

A Customs Brokerage is a full-service, ACE-certified, customs brokerage firm that can handle all your import customs needs.

Bonding Agent

We can help determine what type of bond fits your import shipment. Regardless of the product or industry, agents are trained to secure the best bond to clear your goods through customs.


We offer a Customs Bonded and CFS (Container Freight Station) warehouse of more than 40,000 square feet, where our expert personnel handle the service logistics.

Legal Services

Our team provides guidance on various legal issues related to international trade and customs regulations. This can include ensuring compliance with import and export regulations, providing advice on tariffs and duties, and representing clients in disputes with customs authorities.


We have nine vehicles ranging from pickup trucks and vans to a 15’ and 24’ truck. We are a US Customs bonded trucker and have two secured warehouse locations located in the Doral, FL area.

Freight Forwarding

Our team specializes in the arrangement of cargo on behalf of shippers. We provide a variety of supply chain services, including: Ocean or air freight transportation.


2875 Northwest 82nd Avenue, Doral, FL, USA

(305) 594-9290

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